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A language barrier did not stop teenagers from developing friendships with Danish visitors. A group of eight Danish students from Sondervang Skolen, in Hammel, paired up with peers from Forest Hall School to experience life in England. Full story - https://t.co/XIQCf4D2ee


Another busy day skiing! https://t.co/VanYsfzEWd


Young singers worked with professionals as they performed their way into the finals of a regional competition. The 15 students from Year 8 to 10 at Forest Hall School made it through to the regional final of the Glee Club Challenge. https://t.co/YwKFHd1O7n https://t.co/3YcQjnWUxN


Off to the slopes for a day of skiing! https://t.co/5nFguiVfwO


*Ski trip update* Students and staff have arrived safely. More information and pictures will follow shortly.


Teenage sociology students got a taste of what studying the subject would be like at university. Year 9, 10 and 11 students from Forest Hall School visited to experience an interactive sociology lecture. Full story - https://t.co/06AhmNxR1p https://t.co/OFoJakFJND


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Mr. L. Davis

This month at we are celebrating recognising the struggle for equality for over 50 years! This display is on show outside the library until the end of the month. https://t.co/0xky3RyEB3


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Miss Trainor 🌍

Goodie bags ready for the students Breakfast with Ms Jones was a great way to start the day! https://t.co/rXAqqnb3GT


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Collingwood Learning

Character Chris faced with the horror of his irresponsible actions when driving. As well as driving under the influence and speeding he was distracted by passengers causing fatal consequences.Great session today https://t.co/f0CbB0gSfU


An evening of celebration saw former students welcomed back to Forest Hall School. The class of 2018, who left Year 11 in the summer, were invited back to school to collect their GCSE certificates and receive various awards across the subjects. Full story https://t.co/9k2CCkRsTq


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New vacancies have been added to our website. A variety of teaching and support roles across our trust - https://t.co/UCU0OUBsP0 https://t.co/S5v0fwV9Yh


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Aspire gr ltd

It was a pleasure to work with such motivated young people in such an amazing school. Forest Hall School really do nurture every young person to be the best they can be. https://t.co/hGiaHTherA


A big thank you to for the exceptional careers day for our Year 7s. Feedback from students was overwhelming positive!


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Aspire gr ltd

There future is bright https://t.co/rWIecHiors


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Aspire gr ltd

Busy week for Aspire starting with today. We are holding a careers event at and also holding a motivational workshop at Harlow Job Centre


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Exciting projects happening in 2019 | to phase out single-use plastic bottles in bid to be more eco-friendly | https://t.co/Tnd54FXYi2


School is open today as usual! Take extra care travelling to and from school. We are advising students to ensure they wear appropriate footwear. School will close at 3.20pm to enable staff, parents/carers and students to travel home safely.


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Mr. L. Davis

My AMAZING GCSE Sociology students visiting on Tuesday. It was amazing to show them where I studied for my degree and they learned so much about studying sociology and university life. Thanks for having us! https://t.co/pwSLvpKc4M


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GCSE Results 2018

Posted: 23rd August 2018

For the fourth year in a row, Forest Hall School has achieved improved GCSE results.

The 2017 summer exam season saw students sitting the new grade 9 to 1 GCSEs for the first time in maths and English, with the majority of other subjects switching to the new format this year.

The 9 to 1 numerical grades do not map across in a simple way to the A* to G grades. A grade 9 is not comparable to an A*, for example.

The number of students who achieved a grade 4-9 in English and maths at the school, in Stansted, increased this year with 74 per cent of students getting the 9 to 4 grades English literature or language and 60 per cent scoring the 9 to 4 grades in maths.

Top performing students this year include –

* Lottie Whitmell - 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 6, A, A, A
* Kelly Banks - 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, A, B, B, C, merit
* Jake Mullens – 9, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, A, B, C
* Nina Constantino – 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, A, A, A, C
* William Chapman - 9, 8, 8, 7, 7, 6, 5, B, B

Forest Hall has been part of BMAT since February 2015, with the mission to boost student numbers and exam results. The implementation of Saturday school, holiday school and revision sessions in all subject areas has enabled the students to achieve their very best.

Head of school Hannah Jones said: “I could burst with pride and joy for our exceptional students and their wonderful results. I am delighted that for the fourth year in a row GCSE results at Forest Hall School have improved. Each year, our students step up to the challenge and achieve fantastic results. I want to take a moment to applaud all our exceptional students, their teachers and their parents/carers for this amazing achievement.

“These exceptional results reinforce the ethos of our school. Our students work hard, have high expectations and aspire to achieve their highest potential. We believe that every student can achieve and be exceptional. The additional time staff have spent with the students in preparation for their examinations is evident in the great results.

“It is now time for our exceptional class of 2018 to leave us and follow their dreams. Good luck and remember, aim for the exceptional!”

Success also went to students entered early for GCSE examinations in Year 10 and 9. Students at Forest Hall School complete up to two option GCSEs in Year 9 or 10.

Top performing students include –

Year 10 -

Tommy Collins for achieving a grade 6 in Spanish and a grade 7 in history
Dennis Elsley for achieving a grade 8 in Spanish
Mame Seck for achieving a grade 6 in geography
Armani-Jai Newman for achieving a grade 8 in French

Year 9 -

Beni Bafwa for achieving a grade 6 in geography
Tabitha Tidiman for achieving a grade 7 in music
Fabrizio Morrone for achieving an A* in Italian
Libby Down for achieving a grade 7 in photography

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