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It may only be October but our PTA are busy planning the Christmas bazaar on Thursday 22nd November. Please come along to enjoy the Christmas cheer! https://t.co/CsgXv9AGpP


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, the deadline to apply for a place for your child in 2019 is October 31 2018: https://t.co/OaxvfBEaWO https://t.co/Wsm8AMdtxp


Busy morning in school today. Our exceptional historians preparing for their exams this year https://t.co/5WOWNIs6Q1


We are proud to be open and serving our community. https://t.co/8FPCjY0tay


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. in on track to reach its target of 560 students by 2020. Full story - https://t.co/rcIgYeXZSI https://t.co/wDCw39ipxD


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BBC Newsbeat

If you need advice on mental health related issues, please visit BBC Advice https://t.co/m96OL3qcWw


Amazing work from our eco club after school today! Our students really are exceptional and go the extra mile! https://t.co/rwEnZuLGIr


Tea and Talk - a chance to promote mental wellbeing and raise awareness the importance of looking after your mental health https://t.co/s151L5FReh


Great welcoming our Danish friends to FHS. Can’t wait for our exchange visit https://t.co/cgxJCg7jpT


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We've relaunched our termly magazine. Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities. Read the latest issue here - https://t.co/VvzQNalzNy https://t.co/XfJ6G3PmdY


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Sport England

Parents play such a key role in supporting children to take part in sport and be active. Thank you https://t.co/6BkQlXeBsx https://t.co/ODrB8I8RAB


Rehearsals for our Aladdin production in full swing. Such dedication and passion on display! Well done to all involved https://t.co/sn8667W59p


A massive well done to our KS4 Geography students for their hard work this morning. The rain didn’t keep them away 🌧 https://t.co/EDrG3q2Hvc


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National Poetry Day

Happy everyone! Enjoy the celebrations! https://t.co/0i8nPajjWL https://t.co/Y5y7ZYESwb


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The Reading Agency

Are you excited for this week? One lucky person can win a full set of the recommended books for by writing a poem about this year's theme: change. Post your poem on Twitter by 4 October and tag us for the chance to win https://t.co/DBdprTqm7E


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Mr. L. Davis

This afternoon, Ricky from is talking to our year 9 students about the differences between being homeless and having a home. Delivering some “home truths” to our students today. https://t.co/K90qhLqf4m


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Mr. L. Davis

7 new cases of homeless every day last year. Today our Year 9s at are learning about some “Home Truths” with with the wonderful Ricky and Sarah. https://t.co/O6JVKJBwZH


Eco club busy planning our new garden area at school! https://t.co/HRJD1NluSe


Looking forward to Tea & Talk next Wednesday 10th October as part of mental health awareness https://t.co/fvNFvh6izl


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TEEN RAISES MONEY IN RELATIVES' MEMORY - https://t.co/HtvdSpHzfq https://t.co/X2jgXzO1T3


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Resistant Materials

Exam Board: Edexcel

Course code / Specification number: Edexcel 2RMO1

What will the students learn about?

The Resistant Materials course aims to promote the careful and thoughtful use of wood, metal, plastic, composite, smart and modern materials and associated pre-manufactured items

  • To use processes in Design and Technology to become effective and independent learners
  • To design and make quality products
  • To analyse existing products and produce different solutions to a need
  • To learn decision making skills, individually and in groups
  • To understand the importance of designing and making in society and their influence on lifestyles
  • To develop more analytical and creative skills in relation to existing solutions and good design.

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

  • Designing, planning, making products using wood, metal, composite materials, smart, modern materials and plastics
  • Performance characteristics of materials
  • Tools and equipment, including new technologies and industrial production
  • Processes and techniques used in working with and joining resistant materials
  • Environmental and sustainable materials
  • Health and safety issues
  • Design and market influences.

Designing and Making Practice

  • Developing creativity, using drawing techniques and ICT
  • Investigating good design and existing products
  • Developing designing skills to meet their specifications
  • Producing detailed and annotated drawings, and models of design ideas
  • Using CAD to develop design
  • Plan and organise practical work, selecting appropriate equipment and materials
  • Work skilfully and safely with resistant materials, solving any problems as they arise
  • Complete a high quality product, recording the key stages of making
  • Use digital media and new technologies
  • Evaluate the processes of making, and suggest improvements.

How will students learning be assessed?

Unit 1: Creative Design and MakeStudents complete a design and make activity that is internally assessed under controlled conditions.  Activities chosen from a range of tasks set by Edexcel.   (60% - 100 marks) Controlled Assessment.

Unit 2: Written Paper – 1hr 30 mins – set and marked by Edexcel. 

After completing this course—what can students’ progress on to?

Carpentry, designing, engineering, mechanical engineering, furniture making, civil engineering, teaching, ship building, architecture, engineering and manufacturing with plastics.

Important Additional Information

A genuine interest in resistant materials

Working with hardwoods, softwoods, manufactured boards, metals, thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics

Work will be carried out in a wide variety of ways for example practical activities, investigations, research, data collection and analysis

Homework will be set every week

All coursework will be presented using ICT, except some drawings/designs.

For further information contact:

Mr J. Moran: j.moran@fhs.essex.sch.uk

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